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Because I'm bad at math, and timezones, would that be 0800 EST New Year's *Eve* ?

On Dec 9, 2017, klaatu at mixedsignals.ml wrote:
>Hey HPR,
>The original version of this message was eaten by a grue, so I'm 
>resending this, in a slightly modified form for clarity.
>I'm thinking of running an RPG at some point during the New Years 
>marathon show.
>Idea: run an simple RPG for a few hours during the New Years marathon 
>People can join whenever they happen to call in, and drop out whenever 
>they have to hang up.
>I am asking this list whether anyone is opposed to this idea. Maybe you
>would rather keep the marathon loosely structured so people can just 
>chat about whatever they want, and feel an RPG in the middle of it all 
>would impose too much order on your chaotic New Year's banter?
>To be clear: I only plan on gaming for 4 to 6 hours during the rest of 
>the marathon, and the game will be VERY loose, to make room for
>and kidding around as we play.
>The rules are free, and the part a player needs is about a page worth
>reading (basically, you choose your class and that's it).
>Time is as-yet to be determined. It will likely be in the 2AM-ish range
>of NZ (1PM UTC, 8AM EST).
>If you are opposed to this injunction, please let me know. I'm getting
>feeling most people are open to the idea, so speak now or forever hold 
>your peace. Heck, if you REALLY hate the idea, record an episode about 
>how you hate fun, and post it to HPR!
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