[Hpr] Oops, I'm probably one of the people clogging the hosting server

Fifty OneFifty fiftyonefifty at linuxbasement.com
Sat Dec 9 20:15:57 PST 2017

I still download manually, and with HPR, I often use curl to grab a bunch
of consecutive shows at once.  Sorry, Joshua, I didn't know it was causing
a problem on your end.  I think it's only fair those of us who can afford
to pitch in on the hosting, just let us know where.


> The site would still be hosted with ANHH, but moving the downloads would
> help with the strain that seems to be caused by some people trying to
> download the entire archive all at the same time ( may be a little
> exaggerated, but you get the idea ) .
> Kicking in a few bucks would actually help with bandwidth costs on this end
> too, and would relieve some of the strain caused by some people trying to
> download the entire archive all at the same time. ( see what I did there? )
> It would also make it easier to cover other costs of stuff I'd like to with
> HPR's server.
> The sponsorship my company has done over the years hasn't really yielded a
> lot in the terms of ROI, but we keep doing it because honestly, I like the
> concept of HPR and want to continue supporting it.
> That being said occasionally we get stuff like people thinking it's cool to
> try and hack the site, DDOS the site, or inadvertently consume all the
> bandwidth for the server allowed by downloading multiple (10s of) streams
> at once.  All these cause issues unfortunately, some bigger issues than
> others.
> So, not trying to sound greedy, but if people are looking to kick in a few
> bucks, getting hosting plan with HPR's coupon or just kicking a few bucks
> in with paypal (I could make a page people could donate for HPR directly)
> would be a great help.
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