[Hpr] HPR paying back to Anhonesthost.com

Ken Fallon ken at fallon.ie
Sat Dec 9 23:24:11 PST 2017

Hi All,

I asked Josh to think about how we in the HPR community can support him
and reduce the increasing burden we are placing upon him. Part of that
will be reducing the bandwidth, eliminating the database, and
streamlining the site to static pages.

In the mene time here is a message from Josh which I would like to have
on it's own thread.


The site would still be hosted with ANHH, but moving the downloads would
help with the strain that seems to be caused by some people trying to
download the entire archive all at the same time ( may be a little
exaggerated, but you get the idea ) .

Kicking in a few bucks would actually help with bandwidth costs on this
end too, and would relieve some of the strain caused by some people
trying to download the entire archive all at the same time. ( see what I
did there? )

It would also make it easier to cover other costs of stuff I'd like to
with HPR's server.

The sponsorship my company has done over the years hasn't really yielded
a lot in the terms of ROI, but we keep doing it because honestly, I like
the concept of HPR and want to continue supporting it.

That being said occasionally we get stuff like people thinking it's cool
to try and hack the site, DDOS the site, or inadvertently consume all
the bandwidth for the server allowed by downloading multiple (10s of)
streams at once.  All these cause issues unfortunately, some bigger
issues than others.

So, not trying to sound greedy, but if people are looking to kick in a
few bucks, getting hosting plan with HPR's coupon or just kicking a few
bucks in with paypal (I could make a page people could donate for HPR
directly) would be a great help.


The ticket to track this is on



Ken Fallon

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