[Hpr] Internet Archive move - TESTERS NEEDED

Ken Fallon ken at fallon.ie
Tue Dec 19 10:32:44 PST 2017

On 2017-12-15 16:01, Ken Fallon wrote:
> Thanks Everyone for the help !!! We haven't had this much chatter on the
> list in a long while.
> I think we're good. This weekend I'm going to run some more tests on the
> rewrite rule on my own domain, just to be sure (to be sure).
> I'll add some warnings to the pre roll on Monday and Tuesdays show
> alerting the non mail list community members to the change.
> The we go live on Wednesday.
> Keep a look out for shows this week. Not saying you need to listen to
> them all the way through, just check to make sure you hear the intro.

The change is now live.

RewriteRule "eps/hpr(087[1-9])\.(ogg|mp3)"
RewriteRule "eps/hpr(08[8-9][0-9])\.(ogg|mp3)"
RewriteRule "eps/hpr(09[0-9]{2})\.(ogg|mp3)"
RewriteRule "eps/hpr([1-9][0-9]{3})\.(ogg|mp3)"

I opted to break the rules onto each line to make troubleshooting easier.

The before and after of the feeds did not show any difference as expected.

gPodder did not pull down any new files.

Force download of the last 10 ogg episodes showed speeds of 500 KiB/sec
to 1.5MiB/sec

No problems downloading the mp3 feed either.

All 20 shows are playing the Archive.org promo showing that they have
been served from there.

Please continue to keep me posted either here, or on the ticket of
anything strange.



Ken Fallon

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