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Klaatu klaatu at member.fsf.org
Sun Dec 31 19:49:27 PST 2017

Hi all.

My plans to run a community, free-form RPG during the New Years call
never came to fruition, mostly due to scheduling, but also for the
realisation that the New Years Eve call is, as they say, what it is. The
New Years Eve call cannot be tamed. It cannot be molded. It is free, and
that is beautiful.


I'll be in Boston for a week, later this January, so my timezone is less
of a barrier. If you want to play an RPG, I'll be on the HPR Mumble
Server on this day:

UTC: Wed, Jan 31 01:00 to 08:00
EST: Tue, Jan 30 20:00 to 03:00

* We'll be crawling a HUGE dungeon without a story (unlike the series
Thaj, Lobath, and I did on HPR), so you can pop in or pop out whenever
is convenient for you. It won't affect the game at all.

* No experience is required or expected. I'm happy to teach new players.

* This is a game, and will be recorded (possibly released, possibly
not), Some chat is expected, but too much off-topic chatter should be
taken to another channel.

## Here is what you need to do to prepare:

0. Download "Dungeon Raiders", a public domain clone of D&D 1st Edition,
from http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=99366. It's $0,
but you can also support the publisher by throwing in a buck or two.

1. Create a character:
a. Choose a class (epub page 6 to 9)
b. If you're a magic user, review your spells (epub page 14+)

2. Get some dice or a dice roller app (or learn the random module of
Python, or similar)

3. Show up ready to play!

See you there!

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