[Hpr] Amateur radio round table?

Klaatu klaatu at member.fsf.org
Fri Jan 6 10:14:38 PST 2017

On 05/01/17 23:41, Michael wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> with Ken repeatedly asking for certain topics, I wonder if it would make
> sense to do a kind of round table session on mumble. Where we can just
> meet and talk about, including but not limited to, amateur radio. If we
> have a whole group of people, they can augment their answers or correct
> things right in place. Anyone interested could join in with their
> questions or be it just Ken sitting there and hitting a big buzzer each
> time we come across a term in the conversation that he thinks needs
> explanation for the rest of the audience.
> hw?
> Regards,
> Michael (Mirwi)
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I'm not a HAM so I wouldn't be of much use at a roundtable on the topic,
but since this is a "requested topic", I figure I may as well add to the
resquest with an idea (or rather, an additional request).

One thing that I've found frustrating is that nobody has ever sat down
in front of a microphone or keyboard and told people EXACTLY how to get

For instance, here's how to make a bowl of cereal:

0. Get any bowl.
1. Pour some Lucky Charms into it.
2. Pour milk into it.
3. Eat it with a spoon.

This is not EVERY way to make cereal. It's the Ubuntu way. It tells me
exactly what to do, without even mentioning that you could serve cereal
in a mug, or that there are different brands of cereals, or that you can
invent your own by combining granola (*mueslix) with some dried fruit,
or whatever.

Translate that to HAM (I'm making this up because I don't know):
0. Contact your local HAM licensing person, get trained.
1. Get a Foobar 6000SUX radio from www.ham.com
2. Tune in to frequency to 1337 hz
3. Announce your call sign
4. Profit!

I believe if an HPR episode started with THAT, it would be invaluable to
not just current HPR listeners, but HPR listeners for years to come.

Just an idea!


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