[Hpr] Amateur radio round table?

Klaatu klaatu at member.fsf.org
Fri Jan 6 13:40:13 PST 2017

On 07/01/17 09:24, hpr at saner.net wrote:
> On 01/06/2017 12:14 PM, Klaatu wrote:
>> Translate that to HAM (I'm making this up because I don't know):
>> 0. Contact your local HAM licensing person, get trained.
>> 1. Get a Foobar 6000SUX radio from www.ham.com
>> 2. Tune in to frequency to 1337 hz
>> 3. Announce your call sign
>> 4. Profit!
>> I believe if an HPR episode started with THAT, it would be invaluable to
>> not just current HPR listeners, but HPR listeners for years to come.
>> Just an idea!
>> -klaatu
> That isn't a bad idea, but there are some difficulties. In particular,
> the process of becoming a HAM is not exactly the same in all countries
> (at least I don't think it is). I could do the show you recommend and it
> would be pretty accurate for someone in the US wanting to become a HAM.
> I don't know how useful it would be for someone in another country. And,
> truthfully, I don't know if the differences would be significant enough
> to matter. I'd need to do some research to find out.
> So. I am willing to make such a show and will start working on it, with
> the understanding that what I say might be somewhat US centric. If then
> others could do the same show focused on another country or region, over
> time we might get the topic covered well, and we would fulfill Ken's
> primary theme of... more shows please ;-)
> Regarding the idea of a round table type of discussion. I'd be willing
> to participate in such a thing.
> Steve

I'd be elated if someone could at least provide a general overview.
Abstract it as needed, to allow for localized exceptions, but the
process, surely, must still be the same?

0. Investigate your local laws for amateur radio by contacting your
local amateur radio group.
1. Learn about power regulation in your local area so that you do not
accidentally purchase gear that is illegal in your region.
2. Obtain your license by contacting your local FCC equivalent. We're
not sure what that would be outside of the US and Canada, but do some
research online to find your country's broadcasting regulation office.
3. Once licensed, buy your gear. We recommend the Foobar 6000SUX because
it's affordable and low-powered. If you can't find that in your country,
look at the specs of the Foobar 6000SUX here: http://hams'r'us.com and
see if you can find something similar.  But from this point forward,
we'll assume you have the Foobar 6000SUX.
4. Once your Foobar arrives, plug it in. You'll want a bigger, better
antenna, but for now we'll just use the inbuilt antenna on the Foobar
itself. Tune to 99.1 FM or some local radio station, just to make sure
your unit is working. Now tune to 1337 hz on the 8080 magic spectrum and
see if you can contact Cthulu.
5. Have fun!

Something like that. Of course,  I clearly have no idea what I'm talking
about here, so maybe I just don't understand the true complexity. But
then again, I do understand stuff like servers and GlusterFS, and I've
written articles on setting up those. A myriad options exist, but in my
experience, there's always a way to limit scope, and provide, if nothing
else, an example of how to get started.

Again, just an idea that I'm pitching out of purely selfish "I keep
saying I want to learn but so far can't be bothered to actually teach
myself" lazy motives.

Either way, the roundtable sounds great and I look forward to listening in!


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