[Hpr] Amateur radio round table?

Michael mirwi at binary-kitchen.de
Fri Jan 6 14:56:56 PST 2017

Hi everyone,

thanks for the positive responses.
It already became obvious why it is so important to have a whole group 
of HAMs to contribute their knowledge. While I might be able to throw in 
some bits, I'm almost blanking out when it gets to the current 
regulations for beginners licenses and stuff. I'm also embarrassingly 
inactive on the air and have lost track of certain developments. In 
order to not look completely foolish, I need back up :-)
That said, all of us together will sure make it work.

Now to the technicalities.
I think we can use the mumble server referenced here: 
http://hackerpublicradio.org/recording.php#round_table .
The mumble client should be part of most linux distros standard 
repositories and after a first glance I think the license is free 
software compatible (please don't quote me on that).

I haven't done that before, so can anyone with more experience please 
suggest times that would work best for participants from Europe and from 
the US (assuming people would be mostly located there)?

Now I'm really curious, how this will all work out...

Michael, DL4MGM

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