[Hpr] Amateur radio round table?

Russ Woodman k5tux at k5tux.us
Mon Jan 9 09:25:43 PST 2017


I'd certainly like to be a part of this as well, assuming the scheduled time of the recording works out for me. Let me know what's decided or publish it to the reflector. Looking forward to it. 

73, de Russ, K5TUX 
Linux in the Ham Shack 

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If there is an interest I'd love to be a part of a roundtable. I have 
been an amatuer radio operator over 25 years, and a shortwave & scanner 
listener close to 50 years. And I contend "Hams" are one of the earliest 
type of electrical/electronic hackers. And although many people will 
make fun of the hobby, I am proud to call myself a ham. 

Thanks and 73, Jon-KT4KB 

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