[Hpr] Amateur round table: Target 2017-01-27 03:00 UTC

Michael mirwi at binary-kitchen.de
Wed Jan 11 03:17:07 PST 2017

Hi again,

since the the only hard figure for a suggested time came from cmh, I 
guess we should just give it a try.

So lets do a amateur radio round table on

     Wednesday 2017-01-27, at 03:00 UTC

This will be on Tuesday evening 21:00 CST for cmh and folks. For us 
Europeans it will be really early in the morning, which means it will 
probably not clash with anything but sleep. :-)

I think, if we just start out with a bit of introduction of ourselves 
and what we do/like in the wide amateur radio field, that will be plenty 
of content. Afterwards, we can open that can of worms and start to 
discuss about that "beginners first set up advise" and why it is (is it 
really?) so hard to make a generally valid statement...

Hopefully, the chosen date allows most of the interested folks to 
participate. And as covered earlier, this is by no means intended only 
for already licensed people!

Oh, taking notes in parallel seemed to work well for the new year shows. 
Do we want something similar? Has someone a set up available?

Looking forward to it.

Michael, DL4MGM

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