[Hpr] Beef jerky

Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Sun Jan 15 05:48:27 PST 2017

Hello folks

A request for a show...

I think it was operat0r who did a show about small hacks and one that he
did was how to dry out silica gel crystals in the oven.

In the show he made a passing reference to 'jerky', by which I guess he
was talking about using the silica gel crystals to dry out strips of
beef into beef jerky.  This is something we don't have here in the UK,
but I have tasted what I think is the same thing in South Africa, where
they call it 'biltong' I believe.

How about a show about how to actually make beef jerky?  How to do it,
how long does it take etc.


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