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Fri Jul 7 07:18:21 PDT 2017

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On Jul 7, 2017 03:43, "Ken Fallon" <ken at fallon.ie> wrote:

Hi All,

As you know we are going back over the old shows to add tags for
Archive.org. Nearly all the shows need tags, and summaries. Some even
need show notes, or to be placed in series. You can help - see the main
page for more information.

In the process of doing it I was thinking it would be a good idea to do
a bit of housekeeping on them. For example, fix the html, check the
links still work and point to where the host originally intended, etc.

I was asking Dave (who's leading this) what we should do if the show
notes need correcting. For example a show may benefit from having
"Google Reader was shut down on July 1, 2013, but this show is of
historical interest." _still not over that one :)_

The license is cc-by-sa, so we are allowed to do "derivative works" on
the show notes. To be honest most of the early shows didn't have show
notes so they were often added by the admins.

Our current policy as is defined in "hpr2210 :: On Freedom of Speech and
Censorship" would seem to allow us to do this.

So the question is are we allowed to modify show notes ?


Ken Fallon

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