[Hpr] Permission to modify the show notes

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Fri Jul 7 07:34:03 PDT 2017

On 07/07/17 15:17, dann s washko wrote:
> I do not see why this would be a problem nor violate the spirit of the
> site/show/organization. I cannot foresee any contributor that I am aware
> of taking issue with this. But if you want to cover your butt I would
> recommend:
> 1) Do not delete any of the original content. If something is considered
> for deletion do a strike through and a note why.
> 2) Clearly mark changes to the documentation providing the editor's name
> or handle and why the change was made.
> Should an original author take issue with the changes they can be easily
> reverted.

Nicely reasoned. Thanks Dann.

I have made a very small number of changes so far, apart from repairing
broken HTML (because archive.org apply stringent filters and may well
drop stuff). Most of the bad HTML is found with older shows since now we
have a better control over what gets saved to the database.

In the case where I have "rescued" images because the original hosting
server is no longer available for example, I have added an "Editor's
Note" explaining what was done.

See show 1128 for an example, fixed in 2015. There I left the original
link addresses visible but redirected to the HPR server.


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