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Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) hackerpublicradio at clacke.user.lysator.liu.se
Fri Jul 21 18:25:29 PDT 2017

A year ago when I asked this question I received the reply "Record another
show!". So I did. :-)

On Jul 17, 2017 05:39, "Dave Morriss" <perloid at autistici.org> wrote:

On 16/07/17 22:28, Kevin O'Brien wrote:
> I can't figure out how to edit my personal profile on the HPR site.
> There is probably a link to it somewhere, but I can't find it. Can
> anyone help me?

As far as I am aware the only interface is in the show submission form,
at the very top. I've looked at this many times but not "seen" it so I
can't remember exactly what it contains.

Ken will give you the definitive answer, but it's late in the
Netherlands just now.

I can change your details for you if that would help. Just tell me what
needs changing off-list and I'll sort it out.


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