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Hey Klaatu,

The email address you listed (klaatu at hackerpublicradio.org) is bouncing 
emails.  Just thought you'd like to know.

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On 07/27/2017 06:43 AM, klaatu at mixedsignals.ml wrote:
> Fellow HPRers:
> I don't see this message in the mailing list archive, so I'm resending.
> I plan on running a short campaign of a tabletop RPG over Mumble, and 
> then publishing the recorded sessions to HPR. The intent is to 
> introduce HPR listeners to what an RPG game is like, and hopefully to 
> give us all a fun story to listen to.
> I anticipate 10 episodes, each 2 hours in duration.
> I'll be DM, but I'm looking for 3 to 4 willing players.
> The game is "Interface Zero", an Open Game Licensed cyberpunk setting 
> using Pathfinder rules and a few custom mods of mine. We'll do an 
> unrecorded initial session once I've gotten enough players, in which 
> I'll help you build a character and get familiar with the rules and 
> structure of the show.
> I plan on playing on [New Zealand] Sunday mornings (10 AM) which is 
> *probably* your Saturday evening. I hope to record 5 sessions of 4 
> hours each (cut into 10 2-hour eps).
> If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, email me 
> off-list at klaatu at hackerpublicradio.org
> Should I, by chance, get too many responses, preference goes to people 
> who have never played a tabletop RPG before. My ideal cast is a 
> diverse group in every sense, so anyone and everyone is welcome to 
> respond.
> Thanks!
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