[Hpr] Amateur round table - how to proceed?

Michael mirwi at binary-kitchen.de
Sun Mar 19 07:12:55 PDT 2017

Hi folks,

the first round table episode is out since about two weeks and it seems 
like a good time to plan the next steps.

I propose to keep using the etherpad here 
https://etherpad.net/p/HPR-HAM-RT for coordination and show note 
preparation. Shall we delete the old content that made it into official 
show notes and just keep the link?

The intention was to have a more Europe friendly recording time for the 
next one. Would any of the people willing to participate please come up 
with a suitable proposal? (Put it in the pad please in addition.)

Regarding the general schedule. With the current fill state of the show 
queue and hoping that the higher bias level can be maintained, the 
sequence of scheduling - recording - finding a free slot - waiting for 
feed back after it is out - scheduling the next recording .... might 
stretch things out unnecessarily. The question is, are we yet prepared 
to make this a regular show? Are we willing to commit to a more 
predictable scheduling? I'm thinking of reserving a show slot every two 
month and targeting recording in the middle in between. That would leave 
enough room for comments to trickle in until the next recording as well 
as allow some processing time after that. What do you think?

How about occasionally including a "decoding challenge"? Some short text 
that is encoded in a digital mode or some other form and listeners can 
have a take on decoding it. I have confirmation that support on the HPR 
site for such riddles, where correct entries could be recorded and 
counted, is basically possible. So do we want that?

In whatever way the round table will develop, even if it became a very 
relaxed rag chewing event, I'd like to see it trigger all sorts of 
individual shows on HAM related topics.
I further suggest that someone start a new series: What's in my shack. 
This could be a cool entry point for any radio amateur to start 
contributing to HPR. Just tell us about the gear you have in your shack, 
what you do with it, how it developed over time, .... If there are 
individual (home brew / modified / ... ) pieces with their own story - 
you have a follow up show right there!

Now let's try to not loose the positive momentum I felt we had after the 
first recording and get the wheel spinning further...

Michael (DL4MGM, mirwi)

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