[Hpr] 2nd try: Amateur round table - how to proceed?

hpr at saner.net hpr at saner.net
Fri Mar 31 08:36:29 PDT 2017

On 03/31/2017 03:45 AM, Michael wrote:
> Hello,
> do I have problems with my mail, or is it true that there has not been
> any reaction on my previous message?
> Are we done with it already?
> Wondering,
> Michael

No problem with your email. I, along with I guess anyone else, failed to

I am game to do another round table episode. I see that you have added a
couple questions that were asked as possible topics to the etherpad. As
far as I'm concerned you can delete the previous etherpad notes as they
are now in the HPR show notes archive.

I think I'd be open to trying to do a show on a regular basis, such as
every 2 months or once a quarter or something, but I guess I would hold
off on that until we see what the interest is really like.

I would like to see some interested non-hams participate in the round
table discussion as well. I think that could result in an interesting
question-answer session.

So, I guess all I have to say for now is that I'm still here and if you
want to schedule something, I'll do my best to be there.


Steven Saner <steve at saner.net> KD0IJP
Andover, Kansas USA

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