[Hpr] HPR Shows on archive.org

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Mon Nov 6 01:56:54 PST 2017

This subject was covered in the Community News recording, and in the
associated notes. However, we thought it might be worth raising the
points on the mailing list.

HPR show notes which contain images or which link to other files are
something we encourage. However, when uploading these to the Internet
Archive (IA) at archive.org there are a number of issues:

1. If a file has been submitted as part of the original HPR upload we
copy it to archive.org and use the URL of the copy in the notes. This
mechanism has been added in the past few months and seems to be working
fine. However, there is a backlog of older shows that need to be changed
to conform, which point at the files on the HPR server.

2. If the notes for a show contain links to external files these do not
always seem to be accessible through the archive.org interface. For
example, the recent show 2406 links to an image showing the cabling of a
CAT6 plug, but the archive.org copy did not show this image (though it
does now - see point 4 below).

3. One way of dealing with the issue of external files would be to make
a copy and place it on the HPR site, then it would be uploaded to the IA
as described earlier. There might be copyright issues with this strategy

4. Another way would be to point to a copy on the Wayback Machine (WM).
Sometimes the file has been copied there already, or it is possible to
request that the WM snapshot it. This is what was done for the IA copy
of show 2406. However, it was a manual process and therefore rather
labour-intensive, which is not ideal.

So, I am looking for suggestions on how to deal with this situation.
They would be most appreciated.


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