[Hpr] Next Ham Radio Round Table

hpr at saner.net hpr at saner.net
Tue Nov 21 12:03:34 PST 2017

Just a reminder that the recording of the next Ham Radio Round Table is 
less than 24 hours away. The plan is to record Wed, Nov 22 at 1800 UTC. 
We'll be using the mumble server at ch1.teamspeak.cc port 64747 in the 
HPR room.

We will be looking at some questions from the US technician class 
licensing exam and any other topics that come from that. Current show 
notes can be found here: https://etherpad.net/p/HPR-HAM-RT

If you are a Ham or if you are not, we welcome you to join the discussion.


Steven Saner <steve at saner.net> KD0IJP
Andover, Kansas USA

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