[Hpr] hpr2368 text

Michael Spannbauer mirwi at binary-kitchen.de
Mon Sep 4 14:07:23 PDT 2017

Hi folks,

in the last community news Ken asked for the text below. Of course you
can have it. I just didn't want to put it in he show notes because it
would have been kind of a spoiler, wouldn't it? Feel free to correct,
extend or do whatever you see fit with it. I'm glad you liked it.


Low queue poem (of sort)

The world's going down, the HPR queue is low.
Be one of the saviours, RECORD A SHOW!

Whatever topic, you are not alone.
Feel free to seek help, if you can't do on your own.

One will have to struggle, to find a friendlier crowd
with that wide range coverage from the simplest to "clouds".

>From toy to high tech and from jokes to wise words.
Embracing you all. - Not just the nerds.

It's not a "service", HPR is WE!
So contribute the stuff, you'd like more of to see.

If YOU like it, others surely too will.
Diversity defines the realm, we are aiming to fill. 

Sure, there are heroes, lifting most of the weight.
But we all are the foundation, deciding HPR's fate.

Be thankful, you slackers, who leave those free slots,
for those few prolific, still filling the spots.

Please don't keep the burden on shoulders so few.
Chime in with some topic, by sharing your view.

High praise to those, stepping in a first time!
We need more of you though, to strengthen the lines. 

Like an episode? - Please let us know!
It's positive feed back, that's keeping us go.

Comment on the page or record a reply.
There's no reason for hiding or being overly shy.

It's a community effort to make the thing we love stay.
Because failing would mean, that HPR goes away.

But it takes more than bad times to make HPR disappear!
Together we stand, and we all are still here.

Bit by bit, sharing knowledge and fun,
building the confidence that HPR WILL go on. 

It's up to us, so just pick up the ball
and keep the show rolling, for the sake of us all.

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