[Hpr] hpr2368 text

Windigo jacob at fragdev.com
Mon Sep 4 14:26:43 PDT 2017

Thanks Michael - that episode just popped up in my queue today, and I 
thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done! :)

Would you consider the text of your poem to also be CC-BY-SA licensed?

- Windigo

On 2017-09-04 2:07 pm, Michael Spannbauer wrote:
> Hi folks,
> in the last community news Ken asked for the text below. Of course you
> can have it. I just didn't want to put it in he show notes because it
> would have been kind of a spoiler, wouldn't it? Feel free to correct,
> extend or do whatever you see fit with it. I'm glad you liked it.
> Regards,
> Michael
> -----------------------------
> Low queue poem (of sort)
> The world's going down, the HPR queue is low.
> Be one of the saviours, RECORD A SHOW!
> Whatever topic, you are not alone.
> Feel free to seek help, if you can't do on your own.
> One will have to struggle, to find a friendlier crowd
> with that wide range coverage from the simplest to "clouds".
> From toy to high tech and from jokes to wise words.
> Embracing you all. - Not just the nerds.
> It's not a "service", HPR is WE!
> So contribute the stuff, you'd like more of to see.
> If YOU like it, others surely too will.
> Diversity defines the realm, we are aiming to fill. 
> Sure, there are heroes, lifting most of the weight.
> But we all are the foundation, deciding HPR's fate.
> Be thankful, you slackers, who leave those free slots,
> for those few prolific, still filling the spots.
> Please don't keep the burden on shoulders so few.
> Chime in with some topic, by sharing your view.
> High praise to those, stepping in a first time!
> We need more of you though, to strengthen the lines. 
> Like an episode? - Please let us know!
> It's positive feed back, that's keeping us go.
> Comment on the page or record a reply.
> There's no reason for hiding or being overly shy.
> It's a community effort to make the thing we love stay.
> Because failing would mean, that HPR goes away.
> But it takes more than bad times to make HPR disappear!
> Together we stand, and we all are still here.
> Bit by bit, sharing knowledge and fun,
> building the confidence that HPR WILL go on. 
> It's up to us, so just pick up the ball
> and keep the show rolling, for the sake of us all.

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