[Hpr] Changes to the Comment system

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Mon Sep 11 11:59:46 PDT 2017

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On 01/09/17 09:59, Ken Fallon wrote:
> Hi All,
> Dave and I will be working on the comment system over the coming
> weeks.
> The current comment system has many failings from an
> administration point of view, but none were so bad as to make us
> replace it. Recently however it showed it's age when it fails to
> render correctly in https. As a workaround we turned off https on
> the site.
> Next month Google Chrome is going to display a warning for non
> https sites, so we will be at a disadvantage if we do not switch to
> an encrypted site.
> We cannot update the script as there is no update available from
> the vendor, and their own site is also showing error messages.
> This means we are going to migrate all the comments to a new
> system. All existing comments will remain. When posting comments we
> will be requiring you to answer some questions as an anti spam
> measure. For example: - What is the H in HPR for ? - Who is the
> host of this show ? - How many days are there to the next free slot
> ?
> We'll keep you posted.

Well, it was a busy weekend, but I think we now have a functioning
replacement comment system.

Ken had to spend a lot of time expunging the old comment system from
the site, where it was deeply embedded, but achieved it in the end. I
think it's fair to say that he had the most issues to resolve!

The new system is based around a new database table, which was
populated from the old system. During transition, as new comments were
added to that old system it was necessary to refresh the new table,
which caused a few oddities with the comment RSS feed, which switched
to using the new table earlier in the week.

As Ken mentioned the changeover has allowed the site to use https,
which had been prevented by the old system - mainly due to its being
so old. This was one of our main goals, though having something
simpler and built in-house was another goal.

I think it was a successful upgrade. Thanks to Josh for helping solve
some of the issues we encountered along the way.

Please let us know if you notice any problems with the site.




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