[Hpr] Rescheduled HAM radio round table: 2017-09-20, 18:00 UTC

Michael Spannbauer mirwi at binary-kitchen.de
Mon Sep 18 15:28:02 PDT 2017

Hi folks,

last Wednesday when the show was supposed to be recorded, things didn't
do too well. Unfortunately - fortunately? - a highly appreciated guest
could not make it this time. In addition I had wired problems with my
set up and could not get my mumble to work. :-( As this would have left
Steve doing a monologue, we decided to reschedule and give it another
try one week later.

Next round table is 2017-09-20, 18:00 UTC

Of course you can join in at any time if that is what is possible for
you! But please join.

On mumble: ch1.teamspeak.cc Port: 64747
Show note collection will again be here: 

See you!

Michael (mirwi, DL4MGM)

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