[Hpr] tags, on the show page (perhaps alongside summary)

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Sun Apr 1 13:34:10 PDT 2018

On 01/04/18 19:15, Brenda J. Butler wrote:
> So I finally signed up to the mailing list.
> I've been corresponding with Dave Morriss about tags.  Now that
> I've subscribed to the mailing list I'm moving the conversation
> here.
> Request:  can we see that tags for a show, on the page for that
> show (in addition to the other places where tags are visible)?  Eg,
> tags for show 0024 should be visible on
> http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=0024.
> It would be nice to see them close to the show title, author, and
> summary, before the show notes.
> Thanks!
> bjb

Thanks for your contributions to the tag & summary project.

I think I might have mentioned this already, but the tags are shown on
the "Complete Archive of Shows" page
(http://hackerpublicradio.org/index_full.php). However, this is one
HTML page with details of *all* HPR shows so it's a bit unwieldy.

I also think tags in the per-show page would be good.


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