[Hpr] Time Capsule countdown Electronics Project For school

Ken Fallon ken at fallon.ie
Sat Mar 10 05:30:31 PST 2018

Hi All,

My brother in law (The guy who wrote one of the alternative outros) is a
art teacher in a school. They are making a time capsule to be open in 12
Years, containing stuff from the kids.

He wants a transparent tile in the school ground with a countdown timer.
I was thinking of an arduino but was a bit stumped on how to provide
power to the thing for 12 years, and to keep it dry.

I was thinking of getting a solar panel/battery from Ikea, an Arduino,
and an eink display. And potting the whole thing in transparent epoxy ?

- https://www.waveshare.com/4.3inch-e-paper.htm

Comments please.


Ken Fallon

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