[Hpr] Suggestion: Phonetic host names

Dave Lee dave at thelovebug.org
Sat Mar 24 02:00:44 PDT 2018

Hey all,

This is merely a suggestion, but one that affects me directly. Could we 
have a phonetic version of the hosts given name available within our host 

My given name in HPR is "thelovebug", pronounced "the-love-bug".... but 
espeak pronounces it "theh-luhv-eh-bug"... which isn't quite (read: at 
all!) as intended. I've noticed there are other hosts whose given name gets 
totally put through the mincer by espeak (not naming names, but a certain 
North West England correspondent whose given name is almost a sentence).

Is there enough demand to request that a change is made, or is this simply 
a case of "suck it up, Dave"?

Thanks all,

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