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Floating costs could suck a lot. Should storage and performance ever come up again, I'd like to submit wasabi.com as a viable alternative for s3 object storage.
1TB for $5USD/mo or $60USD/yr today's price of course.

I've been using them for a couple of months now as a backup solution for my personal stuff and to expand the storage of my nextcloud instance.

Catch 22 is that they bill for 3 months after you 'delete' something.


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> I believe it was, but there was the same issue of cost for the solution.  As I am donating the server, and the bandwidth it is a sort of ‘fixed’ cost for me.  Putting the files on S3 would have made it a floating cost, and much harder to predict or control.
> --Josh
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> Just wondering. When the site was having bandwidth issues, was s3 ever brought up as a possible solution to storage/bandwidth issues?
> --cobra2
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