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Ken Fallon ken at fallon.ie
Mon Sep 17 00:03:52 PDT 2018

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From: Jeroen Baten <jbaten at i2rs.nl>
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Subject: Another HPR tune
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2018 20:41:23 +0200


So I (blissfully ignorant) recently seem to have started a discussion
on the current HPR tune.

Personally, I find that it sounds very much out of date. But that's 
just me.

Anyway, I talked to a friend of mine called Bart (he uses me as a
communication proxy) who is both a lovely geek/nerd and also a (imho)
briliant music composer.

Anyway, a few hours after sending him the events so far, he replied to
me with both a new arrangement of the current tune and also a
Rosegarden file so people can play around with it.

Upon someone saying it didn't sound "hackerish" enough he made the 3P

Please find attached all files. Using the mid or rg files (from
Rosegarden) anyone can now make variations on it.

Please give me your honoust opinions and I will forward them to my
composer friend Bart.

Kind regards,

Jeroen Baten

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