[Hpr] Harassment on HPR

Dave Lee dave at thelovebug.org
Sat Dec 14 07:33:56 PST 2019

I counter "possibly critical" with "constructive"? 😁


On Sat, 14 Dec 2019, 15:29 cobra2 via Hpr, <hpr at hackerpublicradio.org>

> To the harassed: I hope you've ignored the person being an ass. We are
> here to support you in pretty much any way that we can. Don't let this
> deter you from using our platform for spreading your shows! We (most of us)
> love them!
> To the harasser: WTF?! Grow up please.
> I have an amended change to propose. Adding in "possibly critical" to
> notify new hosts that opinions that differ from theirs will probably be
> voiced. Other than that, I'm good with this.
> < Hacker Public Radio is dedicated to sharing knowledge
> ---
> > Hacker Public Radio is dedicated to sharing knowledge in a welcoming
> community that offers positive, possibly critical, feedback and encourages
> respectful debate.
> --cobra2
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