[Hpr] Harassment

Paul Quirk paul at pquirk.com
Sat Dec 14 10:33:51 PST 2019

At some point, those who are being harassed need to recognize the fact 
that they have the power to ignore their harassers and recognize that 
engaging with certain personalities that conflict with your own as a 
complete waste of your time. Just go on doing what you're doing; life's 
too short to not have fun, and I for one think that we should all 
consider that perhaps those who are harassing others have their own 
personal issues to deal with. If you think of your harasser as a 5 year 
old brat who never grew up beyond the playground taunts, it becomes much 
easier to dismiss them as such. Seriously though, mental illness is a 
big issue in today's high paced, highly competitive, stressed out and 
drugged up world, and often finding compassion for those you feel are 
harassing you can lead to a long term sense of well-being. That's 
another two cents from me, I'm almost up to a nickel now. :)

On 2019-12-14 10:52 a.m., lostnbronx wrote:
> When you think about it, it's surprising we haven't had this problem
> before. Unless we did, and it just wasn't brought to light.
> Can we assume the harassment source was from within the community, and
> not just from random trolls on the Internet? I think removing email
> addresses of hosts is a great first step, at any rate.
> A CoC would give the admins the power to act without having to seek
> community consensus on every incident. It would also provide clear
> guidelines for community members and admins alike regarding how to
> behave, and what will happen if you don't.
> It makes me sad that we need this, but I guess we were overdue.
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