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Kevin O'Brien zwilnik at zwilnik.com
Sat Dec 14 13:35:04 PST 2019

I support Ken's suggestion, but I also saw a suggestion to remove host's
contact information, which I hope does not happen. We have had a great
community, and I think we can keep it. And I like that people can easily
find me if they want to go deeper into anything I have discussed. In fact,
just today I got a very nice e-mail from someone who found my LibreOffice
stuff and it solved a vexing problem he had. Pretty much made my day right


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On Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 2:11 PM Nthomas <nthomas at techlibre.net> wrote:

> I'm concerned that a CoC will open up HPR to the kind of legal action
> that would destroy it. A CoC is a contract explicit and implied. Once
> it's out there, expect the lawyers to begin circling waiting to feed on
> HPR's impending demise.
> If someone is making Ad Hominem attacks towards you, that feels
> horrible. Believe me I know, I've been there. I also learned that a
> policy change changes nothing, but the scenario and style of bullying.
> That's exactly what will happen with a CoC. Trolls don't care about those.
> Ignoring them is a good first step, if that doesn't work or violence or
> extortion is involved, give one warning. If that fails, respond with a
> spirited and irresistible defense. If you feel unequipped to do so, I'm
> certain there are enough 'good at computer' people who can help right here.
> Pull some e-mail headers and IP addresses, and we shall drive your
> enemies from the interwebs to the lamentations of their women and
> children. Then they will think twice or perhaps thrice before going
> somewhere else to stir up trouble. AND you will never be bullied again.
> Well, I'm off to polish my internet weapons, Have a great day :)
> On 12/14/19 10:54 AM, Ken Fallon wrote:
> > On 2019-12-14 16:44, cobra2 via Hpr wrote:
> >> No. i'm quite blunt in my wording. "Possibly critical" is exactly what I
> >> meant. I'd rather not see anything changed.
> >>
> >> We are a community. I believe in our own ability to handle this matter
> >> among ourselves. We should handle this matter as a community rather than
> >> a policy change. This will allow future community members the freedom to
> >> govern themselves as needed, when we are gone. Rather than leaving some
> >> legacy policy in place that will have to be changed in the future
> >> because.... who knows what will happen in the future.
> >>
> >>
> >> --cobra2
> >>
> >
> > This *is* the community handling the matter. As per:
> >
> > http://hackerpublicradio.org/about.php#governance
> > "HPR is entirely community driven. Policy decisions are proposed and
> > discussed on the Mailing list, which is open to anyone to join."
> >
> > This is the mailing list, I'm asking what the community feels about it.
> >
> > This is not a Code of Conduct. This gives a mandate to myself and the
> > other "admins/janitors" to take action.
> >
> > Naturally individual changes will also be put to the list/discussed in
> > the community news.
> >
> >
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