[Hpr] Harassment on HPR

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Sat Dec 14 13:56:25 PST 2019

Hej and Hi!

I'm all for this changes. I really thought this kind of behavior won't 
happen in our community. But I was to naïve.



Den 2019-12-14 kl. 14:13, skrev Ken Fallon:
> The governance of the HPR community requires me first to get community
> approval for changes.
> Once that is approved, we move on to making practical changes.
> 1. Changing the site to ensure hosts know we do not tolerate this and
> report it asap.
> 2. Providing (independent) points of contact to report any issues.
> 3. Removing host email from the feed, and giving the hosts the option to
>   a. Have the mails forwarded directly
>   b. Have the admins included on the cc
>   c. Have the admins review them and forward them on.
> 4. Contacting all the previous hosts to see if they need help or assistance.
> 5. Anything else we can do....
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