[Hpr] The Oxygen of Publicity, was: Re: Fwd: Harassment

jason jason.s.dodd at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 04:37:11 PST 2019

"Victims, just shrug it off. That's what I do." Strikes me as one of the 
attitudes that's been part of the problem that's been allowed to persist 
for far too long.  Not everyone or every situation is the same.

Again, the point isn't to stop people from being bad actors. It's to 
address how we as HPR will respond when they are.

You can't control what people do outside your house but you can set 
rules for conduct inside your house.  Even then you can't control what 
someone does in your house, but you sure can control how you respond 
when someone violates the rules inside you house.

That's the point.

On 12/17/19 4:34 AM, Mike Ray wrote:
> For my two pen'orth )sorry, English idiom)...
> There has already been too much discussion about this on here.
> There is nothing anybody can do to stop anybody on the internet being
> trolled, whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, on a mailing list or
> anywhere else.
> Its annoying, and often downright sinister and disturbing.
> But talking about it and wringing your hands at length is just 'feeding
> the trolls'.
> I suggest everybody just shrugs it off and moves on.
> Even a 'code of conduct' is a way of letting the trolls know they are
> making an impact.
> I get trolled regularly on Twitter because I dictate most of my Tweets
> and IOS often types 'to' when it should type 'too', or 'there' when it
> should plainly be 'their'.  Something like that is too stupid to even
> waste a breath over.
> This abuse might be far worse than that, but it is still done from afar,
> and talking about it is exactly the troll food they want.
> On 16/12/2019 21:57, Jannik Wesley Pruitt via Hpr wrote:
>> Very sad CoC should be changed
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>>> From: lostnbronx <lostnbronx at gmail.com>
>>> Date: 14. December 2019 at 16:52:42 CET
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>>> Subject: Re: [Hpr] Harassment
>>> When you think about it, it's surprising we haven't had this problem
>>> before. Unless we did, and it just wasn't brought to light.
>>> Can we assume the harassment source was from within the community, and
>>> not just from random trolls on the Internet? I think removing email
>>> addresses of hosts is a great first step, at any rate.
>>> A CoC would give the admins the power to act without having to seek
>>> community consensus on every incident. It would also provide clear
>>> guidelines for community members and admins alike regarding how to
>>> behave, and what will happen if you don't.
>>> It makes me sad that we need this, but I guess we were overdue.
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