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Kevin O'Brien zwilnik at zwilnik.com
Sat Dec 28 10:39:32 PST 2019

Thanks Paul, and I have added you in Mastodon. And I can report that I have
many more shows in this series that are planned.


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On Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 10:32 AM Paul Quirk <paul at pquirk.com> wrote:

> Just wanted to thank Ahuka for his podcast of the Fediverse, and if
> anyone wants to follow me (and I will follow you back), I'm
> @paul at cloud.pquirk.com. I'm running Social on NextCloud on a Raspberry
> Pi 4 in case anyone is interested, and because of that I can follow you
> whether you're on Nextcloud, Mastodon, or Friendica, and eventually
> Diaspora and MediaGoblin.
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