[Hpr] Should we reject a show with copyrighted fair use clips in it ?

cobra2 cobra2 at linuxbasement.com
Thu May 23 02:47:04 PDT 2019

As a member of this community, I will support the host's privilege to upload content. I will also comply with any legal fallout except paying fines and royalties. I'll even support removing the content of the host should the copyright holder request that properly with a DMCA takedown notice. 

Is that accepting legal responsibility? Probably not, I'm just thinking back to the older days of RFA and TWAT. They would have posted it. 

-- cobra2

On May 23, 2019 9:32:16 AM UTC, Ken Fallon <ken at fallon.ie> wrote:
>On 2019-05-23 11:28, cobra2 wrote:
>> I disagree with the be cautious motif. Post the show. Let the
>copyright holder do their diligence in protecting their 'brand'. Comply
>with the DMCA request if/when it is delivered. 
>> We are not here to follow the letter of the law. We are here to
>spread knowledge and inspire others to try new things. 
>> Now that being said, I HATE background music through a show. If the
>content in question is played during the background of the show and is
>NOT a live performance ...... Kill it with fire. 
>> My two cents. 
>> --cobra2
>Hi cobra2
>Can I assume then that you will accept legal responsibility for any
>actions resulting from this show ?

-- cobra2

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