[Hpr] Should we reject a show with copyrighted fair use clips in it ?

Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Thu May 23 02:59:37 PDT 2019

On 23/05/2019 10:32, Ken Fallon wrote:
> On 2019-05-23 11:28, cobra2 wrote:
>> I disagree with the be cautious motif. Post the show. Let the copyright holder do their diligence in protecting their 'brand'. Comply with the DMCA request if/when it is delivered. 
>> We are not here to follow the letter of the law. We are here to spread knowledge and inspire others to try new things. 
>> Now that being said, I HATE background music through a show. If the content in question is played during the background of the show and is NOT a live performance ...... Kill it with fire. 
>> My two cents. 
>> --cobra2
> Hi cobra2
> Can I assume then that you will accept legal responsibility for any
> actions resulting from this show ?
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This is HPR, not the BBC and not a music channel.

I too don't like music over the podcast.

But then again I don't like any HPR podcast that departs from the
'hacker' part of the name.  I currently delete more than I listen to.

So, if you are fiddling about with an electric guitar you 'hacked' by
restoring it after it was found in a dumpster, then all well and good,
if you are showing off your piano thingy that seems to be played by some
kind of digital ghost of a long-dead composer geezer, then all well and

But if you are playing somebody else's music while you whitter on about
something not connected with the music that is playing, why is the music
there?  Leave that to the big broadcasters who are willing to pay to use
the stuff.

And it is no good saying the equivalent of "publish and be damned" if it
is not your head that will roll if it is picked up.

Ken and Dave, and probably others, already do more than can reasonably
be expected of them for HPR.  They certainly don't need any risk,
however small, of falling fowl of the DMCA.

How much will HPR be damaged if the occasional 'cast is pulled for
containing doubtful material?  How much will HPR be damaged if hosts
just accept they can't play any copyrighted stuff?

I suggest hardly at all.

Let's keep hacking and stop trying to impersonate the BBC, or NPR.

Although it would be hard to convince anybody HPR is the BBC unless we
suddenly have Nigel Farage on every podcast.

Michael A. Ray
Witley, Surrey, South-east UK

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when
there is nothing left to take away." -- A. de Saint-Exupery


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