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I have to agree here. For HPR, rejecting Copyrighted matertial in all of its Disney glory is elemental for two reasons.

First, I see HPR as an exemplar of and AdHoc project that operates on 100% voluntary human interaction. That's heroic.

Direct confrontation with the 'don't steal my idea©' crowd is not parallel with HPR's normal purpose. There's no tangible gain there.

A link in the show notes side steps this whole problem. Leave the © stuff where it is. There are plenty of episodes where this has been done and some I recall where that was explicitly mentioned.


On May 23, 2019 10:47:49 AM GMT-05:00, lostnbronx <lostnbronx at gmail.com> wrote:
>The question really isn't about this one episode, is it? This is
>really about policy. When it come to policy, I see the question in
>these terms:
>Is there reasonable concern about the copyright of the content?
>I don't know about others, but the fact that this has become the
>subject of so much discussion answers that question for me; both, for
>this situation, and for any others in the future.
>If the content, in total, isn't released under some sort of shareable
>license -- either through the intent of the copyright holder, or
>through the auspices of time and Public Domain -- then how is this
>even a point of contention?
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