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Subject: 	mini typo - GNU AWK
Date: 	Sun, 16 Aug 2020 15:24:32 +0000
From: 	Reto R. <reto007 at hotmail.com>
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Hi Ken,

I found the series  AWK & SED 😄 - I would like to learn that
too. http://www.hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=2114 :
My bad, but I stumbled upon two simple things:

// 1 //
To create the inital file it says (with different character style):
Here is a simple example file that we will be using, called   |file1.txt|:

Then further down in the tutorial - I didn't see the hint (in yellow) to
create another file:

    Field separator

By default, awk uses white space as the file separator. You can change
this by using the -F option. For instance, file1.csv looks like this:

// 2 //
- missing  '  at the end of  }  in this example.

Using output redirection, you can write your results to file. For example:

|awk -F, '$3>5 {print $1, $2}file1.csv > output.txt|


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Thanks !

All fixed. Keep them coming.


Ken Fallon


Ken Fallon

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