[Hpr] Note about accessibility in show notes

Klaatu klaatu at member.fsf.org
Mon Aug 24 11:16:20 PDT 2020

This is great context. Thanks for this, Mike. 

I'm on board.

On Monday, August 24, 2020 05:25:07 PM Mike Ray wrote:
> Hello guys and gals,
> I'm currently working on a project using Template::Toolkit, and finding
> Dave's show notes on this subject very useful.
> I have a small favour to ask with reference to writing show notes and
> accessibility for those of us using screen readers.
> All the screen readers I use have 'landmark' navigation keys.
> Typically one can press a particular key and jump between HTML tags.
> For example, I can jump from link-to-link using NVDA in Windows with the
> 'k' key.
> And here is the accessibility bit.
> If the page is sprinkled with this kind of thing:
> <p>You can find the instructions for feeding elephants <a
> href="page">here</a></p>
> If I jump to that link, my screen reader says 'here'.  Well, what is here?
> Better to write it:
> <p><a href="page">You can find the instructions for feeding elephants
> here</a></p>
> Markdown allows that kind of thing too.
> Thanks.
> Mike
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