[Hpr] Note about accessibility in show notes

Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Tue Aug 25 04:59:35 PDT 2020

Little windows that come up when the mouse hovers over, tool tips you
could call them, are worse than useless, since blind folks mostly do not
use the mouse.

Most screen readers have a keyboard way of moving the mouse pointer to
where the virtual review cursor is, and then simulating a left or right
click with the keyboard, but these little hovers do not show up. It may
be a setting in my screen reader, but those things are distracting.

Better to link as much of the sentence is necessary to describe where
the link goes instead of just 'here'.

I think it is bootstrap that provides a 'popper' to do the little tool
tips, but again, pretty useless for us.

I am doing this from memory, but I think markdown is something like:

[Find the Template manual here][tt]

And then:

[tt]: <url>

That would work better than:

Find the Template manual [here][tt]

Because again that will create a link that just says 'here'.


On 25/08/2020 12:40, Dave Morriss wrote:
> On 24/08/2020 17:25, Mike Ray wrote:
>> <p><a href="page">You can find the instructions for feeding elephants
>> here</a></p>
> In Markdown there's a so-called "reference link" through which a title
> can be provided. This populates the 'title' attribute in the link. I use
> these in my notes a moderate amount, partly because hovering over the
> link shows the title.
> Do screen readers read the title attribute at all? If they do is it
> helpful, since it doesn't necessarily provide the sort of information
> that you're referring to?
> Dave
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