[Hpr] Note about accessibility in show notes

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Tue Aug 25 06:50:11 PDT 2020

On 25/08/2020 12:59, Mike Ray wrote:
> Little windows that come up when the mouse hovers over, tool tips you
> could call them, are worse than useless, since blind folks mostly do not
> use the mouse.
> Most screen readers have a keyboard way of moving the mouse pointer to
> where the virtual review cursor is, and then simulating a left or right
> click with the keyboard, but these little hovers do not show up. It may
> be a setting in my screen reader, but those things are distracting.
> Better to link as much of the sentence is necessary to describe where
> the link goes instead of just 'here'.
> I think it is bootstrap that provides a 'popper' to do the little tool
> tips, but again, pretty useless for us.

OK, that's what I wanted to know. Titles are just for pop-ups and aren't
useful for screen readers.

I won't stop using them but will try and make the link text more
meaningful in stuff that I write.

> I am doing this from memory, but I think markdown is something like:
> [Find the Template manual here][tt]
> And then:
> [tt]: <url>
> That would work better than:
> Find the Template manual [here][tt]
> Because again that will create a link that just says 'here'.

You are correct, that's how it's done. It's a useful feature for me
because I can make several references to the same link, but I take the
point that the link text is the key part for blind users.


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