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Out of curiosity, does 'post first' mean, 'airs first'?  Not this would 
affect me any.  Just curious.

On 7/26/20 4:40 PM, Klaatu wrote:
> On Thursday, July 23, 2020 07:36:01 PM Ken Fallon wrote:
>> Hi Marcus,
>> If you create material and post it first on HPR then it meets the
>> requirements you mention. That means once you upload it to the HPR
>> server you can publish it anywhere else you like.
>> You can ping the janitors at admin at hpr for more technical questions, as
>> this list goes to the community.
>> That said, this question (and three other queries I have had off the
>> mail list) does bring a fundamental question as to what HPR is. Are we a
>> Content Publication Network like youtube, or are we a Podcast that
>> random people contribute to ? Or to put it another way, is the host
>> addressing the Internet in general or the HPR Audience ?
>> I would like to hear the opinions of the community on this please.
>>> Hello,
>>> I have some ideas and wanted to provide some shows.  I had a question
>>> about the interpretation of produced for hacker public radio.
>>> "For this reason we are only releasing material created exclusively for
>>> HPR."
>>> Can I do the show for HPR and then share the show on another community
>>> online radio channel later?  If it's CC-BY-SA I'd assume so but wanted
>>> to ask before I started working on my ideas.
>>> Thank you very much,
>>> Marcus
> There seem to be 3 use-cases. Created content for:
> 0. ...HPR and post only to HPR
> 1. ...HPR and post first to HPR, then post elsewhere
> 2. ...multiple targets, one of which is HPR
> Based on what Stank Dawg has said in response to this thread, 0 and 1 are
> easily within the original intent of HPR.
> 2 seems to require a bunch of parameters to define. On the surface, I think
> it's fine, but then again it could be abused. To better define expectations, I'd
> like to know what we would classify as abuse.
> The things that comes to my mind as abuse:
> * A big corporate-style podcast deciding to mirror a show on HPR just to boost
> their own signal.
> * Any condition resulting in more days a week of mirrored content than of
> original content (produced for HPR).
> * A media blitz targets every possible outlet, including HPR, in an attempt to
> air content on a massive scale. The content may qualify as being of interest
> to hackers, but HPR is being used as a small piece in a larger campaign.
> * An AI generates unique tech content and posts to HPR. It's valid content,
> but is rote and uninteresting.
> * Someone seeks to silence the voices of HPR by occupying all available slots
> with content that appears to be "of interest to hackers".
> * Someone posts disinformation. As this can sometimes be up for debate, it may
> or may not always qualify as abuse, but ideally the community will eventually
> flag repeat offenses and deal with the content accordingly.
> Not abuse:
> * A content creator posts audio of programming tutorials to HPR, and
> video+audio to youtube, knowing that the audiences are different crowds
> * A podcaster doesn't have money for hosting, and so posts their tech podcasts
> to HPR, and points to the media in their own RSS feed. Whether or not the
> podcaster acknowledges HPR, the head and tail of each show identifies HPR as a
> significant "sponsor".
> * A big corporate-style podcast decides to mirror an episode or two on HPR,
> because they believe the content is especially relevant to our network. This
> is done sparingly, maybe once a month. Should they be contacted by HPR, the
> podcast staff responds, interacting with the HPR community on a personal level
> to explain why they feel HPR is an appropriate outlet for their CC BY-SA
> content.
> * A content creator produces content for HPR, but is uninteresting and boring
> to listen to. Most of our audience skips their episodes.
> * A content creator produces content for HPR, but they speak in a heavy accent
> and most of our audience cannot understand what they're saying, or the audio
> quality is poor.
> I don't know the best way to codify something like this. On one hand, I do
> think it's important to have this established officially. On the other hand, I
> don't think everyone submitting a show needs this level of detail.
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