[Hpr] Please more shows each day.

Jason Dodd jason.s.dodd at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 08:02:10 PDT 2021

All we need to do is fill up a year's worth of future slots from any 
given day.  Then we'll start having extras.  We can then start doubling 
up.  When that second layer of year's worth of shows from any given day 
is is full we can do 3 a days.

I except to be long dead before we're able to fill even 2 months ahead.  
But no harm in dreaming.

On 8/28/21 8:12 AM, e8hffff wrote:
> It's painful to only have one show a week day, and that's double pain if only
> a short podcast.  I regularly start the day off with listening to podcasts but
> recently I unsubscribed from a bigger creator (Jupiter Broadcasting) for
> dishing on freedom fighters of COVID lockdowns, so, I'm now lucky to have one
> show pop up a day to listen to.  Not enough.  I can't see why HPR is
> restricting the flow of information. It's crazy.  People can limit themselves
> if they find they are overwhelmed.
> Cheers e8hffff.
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