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Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Sun Aug 29 08:59:29 PDT 2021

Here in the UK, about 35% of fatal road accidents are caused by people
driving under the influence of alcohol.

That means 65% approximately are caused by people who are sober.

Conclusion, sober people are more dangerous than drunks?

No, just idiot manipulation of statistics.

So, Covid-19 is more survivable than influenza is it? Same bollocks
manipulation of statistics.

Currently a lot of the hospitals in the west are under a serious strain.
Well the ones here in the UK are anyway, perhaps not in the USA where
most people have to file bankruptcy if they get chronically sick. I
would hate to have the first question I am asked when I am rushed in
with Covid be what is my credit card number.

Since the start of the pandemic hundreds of thousands of people have
died of Covid-19 who would not otherwise have died.

They might have died if they got influenza, but are not exposed to
influenza in the same way as Covid-19, and Covid-19 is more virulent.

Your right to not wear a mask and to carry on as normal does not trump
(Trump?) my right to stay alive. Nor that of my elderly and vulnerable
family, friends and neighbours.

On 29/08/2021 05:26, e8hffff wrote:
> 1. I got the impression from a recent HPR podcast with the "Janitor" that they 
> fill a one show a day schedule and limit the rest.  Maybe I need to listen 
> again.
> 2. Agree.  I have been contemplating how to make content.
> 3. It was more about casting a whole community as bad in a disrespectful, 
> hypocritical political way, and not by Chris Fisher.  Similar to dishing on 
> veteran soldiers.  Noting I don't support wars unless defensive.  Also note, 
> COVID19 has 99.97 survival rate and compares to influenza of 99.98 so no you're 
> not killing people by being normal and asserting god given access to nature 
> and life pursuits.  
> On Sunday, 29 August 2021 12:03:37 AM AEST hpr-request at hackerpublicradio.org 
> wrote:
>> What a ridiculous email.
>> 1. HPR struggles to fill every weekday, frequently having to ask for
>> more shows so as not to stop altogether.
>> 2. You cannot demand the rest of the world provide you with distraction.
>> If you need distraction, record some shows.
>> 3. Covid lock-down freedom fighter? You obviously care more about your
>> freedom to infect than others freedom not to be infected/potentially killed.
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