[Hpr] March RPG Club

Klaatu klaatu at member.fsf.org
Wed Feb 17 17:54:26 PST 2021

First Sunday of March, at 17:00 UTC, I'm going to be running a tabletop 
roleplaying game called Starfinder.  If you're reading this, then you're 
invited to join in. No experience required. As you can imagine, being 
contributors to an educational podcast like HPR, we're eager to teach new 

If you don't own a copy of Starfinder yourself, please download a pre-generated 
character: http://mixedsignals.ml/downloads/Starfinder_characters.zip

The game will last weekly and end in early April, but you do not need to 
commit to showing up to every session. We consider 2 people quorum.

We play for 2 hours, on Mumble.

1. Download Mumble from https://www.mumble.info (it's also 
available for Android phones and tablets, just search your app store)
2. Install it.
3. Launch it.
4. Add a new server:
  Address: ch1.teamspeak.cc
  Port: 64747 
  Username: (choose a user name for yourself)

We'll be in the Gaming channel on the server.


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