[Hpr] Gitlab Server Getting Retired

jknapp85 at gmail.com jknapp85 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 08:52:18 PST 2021

Hi Folx,


I want to let you all know that the current GitLab Server is getting ready
to be retired at the end of the month.


There are a few reasons for this:


1.	It is running CentOS6 (this server has been alive since the
2.	It was Wrong Sized (Way larger then was needed)
3.	We had an issue with a ton of spam accounts at one point (That issue
was mitigated, but due to the process that is required for removing the
accounts, they have only been disabled.)


There are more but I figured I would keep it short and sweet.


My question to you all, as the HPR project(s) are the only ones that have
any real activity besides some of my own, is there really a need for a
private gitlab server?  Would a free account with GitHub serve the cause, or
am I missing something?


Look forward to hearing back from everyone.



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