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robert mccurdy freeload101 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 09:19:04 PDT 2021

I can help with Mentorship! Best way to contact me is freeload101 at gm@il.com ( do not put this email on any forums or automated list ). I actually would be interested in audio command line processing ... I have issues with leveling so I would just need to do  research on that bit. I know I have some old eps I could use for POC of command line audio processing where there are really loud noises etc that could be leveled out ... Please contact me if you are interested in talking about the logic/approach/ideas for automated audio processing !! We can make it a show too if you like! I can think logic the steps would be:

* spider HPR first 30 seconds of audio for ( bad levels / frequency / noise  etc ) 
* find the average level of audio for the entire stream* remove clip/pop/hiss and general nose reduction ( requires silence profile etc ? This could be done programmatically .. 1) remove all silence 0db 2) find longest area of lowest DB and make that the noise profile ? or combine a few of detected low DB's and stich them together to create a dynamic noise profile !?! )* level out the audio to that avg level* send audio to speech to text program for automated show notes !* manually review audio/show notes and repost the eps giving credit etc. Along with just text > speech audio from the bad audio ? ( not good for ESL or heavy accents etc folks sorry ) Mentorship:

* Free IT consulting via Jitsi.rmccurdy.com* Free IT/infosec Mentorship / training* just hit me up freeload101 at gm@il.com 
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