[Hpr] June RPG Club

Klaatu klaatu at mixedsignals.ml
Fri Jun 18 21:17:51 PDT 2021

Starting 20 June (UTC), the HPR RPG Club is going to playtest "Kin", 
a fantasy game by Victoria Corva, who is an indie game publisher I met on the 
Mastodon social network. 

The game system uses an interesting dice-as-skill mechanic that I think will 
be particularly fun to try, and any playtesters who help have the option of 
being listed in the resulting book.
I run games that are ardently all-ages, and all experience levels. As always, 
you (yes, you!) are invited to this game, whether you have experience with 
tabletop roleplaying games or not. We're an inclusive group 
whose main goal is to have fun and make friends.

We play at 17:00 UTC Sunday
on the HPR Mumble server:
port 64747

I'm attaching a character sheet here, but for the first session we'll build 
characters together.


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