[Hpr] Regarding episode 3414 and COVID-19 disinformation

nihilazo nico at itwont.work
Fri Sep 17 12:09:44 PDT 2021

I have been wanting to contribute another episode to HPR for years but 
have not got around to it yet. However I am more skeptical to lend my 
voice to HPR after the publication of episode 3414, which spreads 
anti-vaccine and conspiratorial ideas and promotes vitamin B3 as a 
vaccine alternative (which has some benefits, as a preventative 
alongside the vaccine, but is no replacement, and studies are still 
fairly preliminary).
I understand that usual HPR policy dictates that episodes are not to be 
edited or removed after they are uploaded but in the case of this 
episode I think it's irresponsible for Hacker Public Radio to leave it 
up, especially in the midst of a global health crisis.
Are there any plans to deal with this episode's potentially harmful content?


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