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Yeah and at the same rate as seasonal flu.  Klaatu you may want to do some 
statistical comparisons on CoVID and Influenza.  Example 2017 flu season matches 
CoVID Delta strain in India, like 70,000 flu deaths in UK during 2017. Consider 
many health departments around the world are claiming the flu has disappeared, 
and deaths are at a smaller or comparable rate.  Like isn't the survival rate of CoVID 
99.97% or was that 99.997%, with influenza being 99.998%.  It's anything but a 
pandemic, and also consider the WHO changed the definition on "Pandemic" to 
something more benign.  https://www.bitchute.com/video/gigUyK3yLtMU/[1]  Put 
on your thinking caps!

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> It is objectively true that people are dying from Covid-19, and if that
> didn't concern the Hacker Public Radio community, I'd be saddened and
> disappointed in all of us.
> Most listeners of HPR are not on this mailing list.  I propose we combat the
> disinformation in 3414 with *several* episodes of correct information. I
> believe the best cure for ignorance is knowledge.
> People already believe that "critical thinking" (read: ignoring scientific
> evidence and "doing your own research" even though you have no access to
> Covid patients or laboratories) will expose "the truth" behind Covid. 
> Episode 3414 isn't introducing anybody to these ideas.
> Episodes in response to it, however, could be the thing that gives someone
> the courage to stop all of their head-in-the-sand "critical thinking" and
> to start listening to the experts.
> I'm happy to do an episode in response, and in fact I'll post one later
> today. I'd be happier still if anybody responding to this thread does the
> same.
> -klaatu

[1] https://www.bitchute.com/video/gigUyK3yLtMU/
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